Coach Guidi is excited for what her 10 Sophomores have accomplished and how they continue to have success on and off the field.

#2 Destiny Cisneros Plays outfield and is the best base runner for the Olympians.  Destiny has scored in almost every game which has helped the Olympians to win.

Major: Kinesiology

GPA: 3.24

Nickname: Sweetness

Best Memory: Creating friendships with people on the team.

Career Plans: Wants to transfer to CSU San Marcos in their Kinesiology program, graduate with a Bachelors in Science in Kinesiology, and pursue a career as a Physical Educator for children.  

#3 Sarah Pullman Has been the Olympians SS and lead-off hitter for the last two years.  She is a dual athlete, receiving 2nd Team All-League in Soccer 2014 and 1st Team All-League in Softball and Soccer 2015.  She also received the MVP award for softball in 2015.  Sarah received a Scholarship to Lenior-Rhyne University for soccer. Sarah also received Honorable Mention for Player of the Week for Pacific Coast Athletic Conference in 2015 and 2016.

Major: Double in Business and Management and Psychology
GPA: 3.2
Nickname: Dolphin
Best Memory: The competition and how we are the team that everyone wants to beat, and also making it to Playoffs last year
Career Plans: After I graduate I plan being a mentor for younger kids to work with them after school and on weekends.

#5 Amanda Miller  Plays second base for the Olympians. Amanda is a transfer from Palomar College. She came to us as an outfielder, but then transitioned into a second baseman.  She had a good start and is continuing to improve her skills.

Major: Agricultural Business
GPA: 2.8 Nickname: Country
Best Memory: Just coming to a great program where I've made great friends!

Career Plans: Wants to continue her education while playing softball at a University.

#7 Melanie Gale is our starting right fielder for the Olympians.  She had amazing defense to save many games this year. 

Major: Ultra Sound Technician
GPA: 2.91

Nickname: Termite
Best Memory: Coming in clutch with hits or plays in the outfield.
Career plans: Getting her Bachelor's Degree in Ultra Sound and becoming certified.

#14 Nicole Newman is the Olympians starting center fielder.  Nicole had a great season on defense and in the batter's box.  Nicole is a lefty that can hit, drag bunt, regular slap, chop slap and power slap.  With all of her skills, she's been very affect at the plate.

Major: Exercise Science

GPA: 2.6

Nickname: Sparky

Best Memory: Getting the opportunity to play a college sport & meet new people. 

Career Plans: To be a Medical Sonographer.  Nicole wants to continue her education while playing at a University.


#23 Michelle Rodriguez has been the Olympians relieve pitcher for the last two years.  Michelle is our Captain and is on the Dean's Honor Roll.  She is a great leader on the team.

Major: English

GPA: 3.18/4.0 for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Nickname: Meesh

Best Memory: Freshman year when we played Saddleback. I came in to relieve Jenn and as I was warming up, they said that it was going to be a "homerun derby," but they couldn't touch me at all for the two innings that I pitched! J

Career Plans: Once I graduate, I want to travel and teach English to people in other countries.

#27 Desirae Bordine is our starting catcher.  Desirae attends SDSU and plays for the Olympians. She shows hard work and dedication for her academics and has been a solid catcher all year.  

Major: Mathematics

GPA:  3.42

Nickname: Fez

Best Memory: My favorite memory overall is meeting all of my life-long friends while we play the game we love.

Career Plan: I plan to continue my education at SDSU and get my BS in Mathematics for Single-Subject Teaching. Then move on to get my Masters and PhD.


#29 Sabrina Gonzalez is our starting first baseman for the Olympians and has started the last two years.  Sabrina is one of our Captains and has batted 4th this season  She also leads the team in Batting Average, doubles and homeruns, making her a threat in the batter's box. Sabrina also was Player of the Week for Pacific Coast Athletic Conference in 2015 and 2016.

Major: Nursing

 GPA: 3.2

Nickname: Brina

Best Memory: All the games that my mom got to come to because she would always cheer super loud for me and believed in me.  Another memory I will never forget is when I got a hit against Grossmont last year and when I was rounding first, I tripped and fell. But I was still safe!

Career Plans: To become a registered nurse and work in Hospice.

#30 Nicole Dall is our starting pitcher and is one of the Captain's for the Olympians. Nicole is a transfer from Finlandia College, a DIII in Hancock, Michigan.  Nicole had a great season with 6 shut-outs on the year. Nicole also received Honorable Mention for Player of the Week for Pacific Coast Athletic Conference in 2015.

Major: Child Development 

GPA: 3.0 

Nickname: Nicki

Best Memory: Having an overall great year on the mound and meeting some long term friends. 

Career Plans: My plan is to become a teacher. I don't know what subject or level I want to teach yet, but I also want to coach. 


#31 Anik Ribera is our designated player (DP) and pitcher. Anik is a transfer from San Jose State. Anik has shown so much power this year and is consistent in the batter's box.  She has the most RBI'S for the team! Anik also received Honorable Mention for Player of the Week for Pacific Coast Athletic Conference in 2015.

Major: Environmental Science- Is receiving her Associates Degree this Spring in Social Science.

GPA: 3.0

Nickname: Lefty

Best Memory: My favorite softball memory would be when I get clutch hits that help us win games, like at Palomar when I hit a double to score a run!  

Career Plan: Work for an environmental company or for the agriculture department. I also want to help teach about how we can help improve our ecological footprint!