A quarter into the season, women's beach stands at 6-5

A quarter into the season, women's beach stands at 6-5

The San Diego Mesa College women's beach volleyball team is off to a good start. With a 6-5 record against non-conference opponents, the coaching staff is pleased with where they stand. 

We had the opportunity to interview head coach Kim Lester and asked her about the current status of the team and what improvements we still need to make. 

We are getting ready for conference play, why is it important to get a good start? Also, what's been the biggest surprise this season?
There are many capable teams in our division and any advantage we can get early on will definitely play a factor later in the year.  

We are off to a good start and feel that our confidence is growing. As long as we continue to work hard, learn from our losses, and believe in one another, we'll be ready for anything.

It's hard to single out one player because our culture is built on team. I do however have to commend Macey Schonbachler. Macey's game has improved so much, particularly her defense. Her play at the #3 slot with Taylor Rosario has been phenomenal. 

We lost against a tough U. Nebraska team, a DI program. Why is it important to play teams in different divisions?
Beach volleyball is the fastest growing NCAA sport. I believe it's important for our program to compete against top competition and be exposed to all levels.  Whether its Division I, II, III, or the NAIA, I believe in pushing our athletes against the top athletes in the sport. We want to be the premier junior college program in the nation. I want Mesa beach volleyball to be talked about and a program that all levels desire to play. 

The weather has been an issue this month with record rain in Southern California. Has the weather been a factor during practice and what's the mindset when weather does not cooperate?
We do not let the weather disturb our preparation. The only time this year where weather became an issue was when the courts flooded. A little rain never gets us down, as a matter of fact I think our team enjoys it. If anything, we use the weather as an advantage, especially when it's windy. We have worked on 'wind strategies' all year and if we execute it properly, can make it very difficult for our opponents. 

We have a little break before our next match, what will be the focus the next couple of weeks. 
We have been focusing on the needs of each individual team. I believe in each team and we just have to be able to go out there and execute. Play Mesa beach volleyball and don't play safe.