Spotlight Q&A: Victor Ceniceros

Spotlight Q&A: Victor Ceniceros

If you could face any athlete in your sport, pro or amateur, who would it be?
I would want to face Mariano Rivera 

If a movie was being made about you, which famous actor would play you?
Will Ferrell.

If you could meet any non-athlete, living or deceased, who would it be and why?
I would want to meet Derek Jeter because I loved watching the way he played the game from beginning to end. 

Other than baseball, what other sports do you like watching? Or playing?
I like watching and playing both basketball and football. I also like to watch boxing and MMA.  

What or where is the best food at Mesa College?
I think the burrito bowl is the best option. But there is also the breakfast special that you can get in the morning that fills you up. 

Who is your favorite musical artist?
My favorite musical artist is Logic 

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 
I would want to be a shark because I want to explore the oceans and see what’s really out there. 

A show you would recommend for people to watch? 
I would recommend Narcos because it’s very entertaining.

What are your goals after Mesa College? 
My goals are to get a scholarship to continue playing baseball at a 4-year university with a scholarship and also get my bachelors in psychology. I also want to become a school counselor and become a baseball coach. 

* What is your current major, and why did you choose that major? 
My current major is psychology and I chose that major because during my sophomore year at Mesa, I was a peer navigator and I realized that I loved seeing students succeed and reach their goals. I helped students throughout their first year at Mesa and I was able to help students stay on the right path to pass their classes and reach their personal/academic goals. 

Favorite place to eat in San Diego? 
My favorite place to eat are taco shops. 

Do you have any hidden talents your teammates do not know about? 
I can play the piano a little (I’m still learning) 

If a genie suddenly appeared in front of you and said, ‘I will grant you one wish,” what will your wish be?
My wish will be to see my mom again so that I can hug her, hear her voice/laugh, and talk to her about all my experiences and tell her all my stories