2018 Women's Volleyball In-Season Update

2018 Women's Volleyball In-Season Update

Women's volleyball head coach Bobbie Jo Stall provides us with an in-season update on the 2018 campaign.

Games Played:18                Overall Record: 9-9      Conference Record: 2 - 0

Home: 7-5    Away: 2 - 1    Neutral: 0-3

Kills Per Set: 10.03      Hitting %: .198%      Assists Per Set: 9.29     Blocks Per Set: 1.05

Services Aces Per Set: 1.57 Digs Per Set: 14.43 


What are some surprises that you’ve seen with this team?
We have been dealing with injuries since the start of the season. We've seen a lot of our girls step up into bigger roles than we had originally anticipated. We've asked everyone to step up, and they have.

What improvements do we need to do as a team?
First and foremost, we need to get healthy and stay healthy. We’ve been dealing with key players getting hurt, which makes every match even more challenging. We also need to stay emotionally consistent throughout a match. There have been instances where we are either too low or too high in the middle of a game.

Moving into the next part of the schedule, how do we become more successful?
We are moving into some tough conference play. In order for us to be successful, we need all our players back on the court. We also need to be more consistent as a team. We have all the pieces, we just need to put them together.

Overall, what does our record tell us about our team? 
We have a tough schedule and that’s by design. 8 of our 9 losses are from programs that are ranked in the top 25. We have played tough against all those teams and we have had our opportunities. As long as we continue to follow the process, the wins will eventually come. 

What must we do to finish the season with a strong record?
We need to improve our ball control (passing). We have talented setters that create opportunities for our fire power at the net. We also need to clean up our defense. Raven Casas is ranked top 3 in state in kills and accounts for almost 50% of our offensive kills. We need to keep finding ways to get the ball to her. 

What's been the biggest challenge for the team this year?
We have been missing a starting outside, which early on accounted for a large percentage of our offensive attack, getting her back will be important! 

What are the goals for the remainder of the season?
Our goal as always is to win state. In order for us to go to states, we must first do well at conference followed by regionals. We have some rivalry games coming up  and they will be a good barometer to see where we are as a team.