Women's water polo head coach Emma Sasson provides us with an in-season update on the 2018 campaign.

Overall: 10-6  PCT: .625   Home: 3-0  Away: 2-1  Neutral 5-5 

Games: 14     Goals: 124   Goals/Game: 8.86  

What are some of the surprises this year?  
I have been pleasantly surprised with the versatility of this team. I am excited that we have many areas of our team that can be threats during the game. It allows for us to not have to put so much pressure on one person to perform .

What are the things that we need to improve on. 
We need to improve on moving past our mistakes quickly. In water polo you have to have a short memory. If you miss a pass, a shot, or receive a bad call, you have to continue playing and move on. Just play.   

How do we become more successful. 
We have to start trusting our conditioning and our mindset. We are well-conditioned at this point, and we are really understanding the flow of our game. Now it's up to us to mentally stay relaxed, but also remain sharp and crisp as we near the second half of season. We also need to believe and be confident going into our matches.

Overall, what does our record tell us about our team?
We are 11-6 right now, which is good. However, we still have a lot of work to do and more games to play. We have to stay on the right path and continue to get better.

What must we do to finish the season with a strong record. 
Our sophomores need to continue setting the tone for this team. They are the veterans of the program and they have been doing a great job leading by example. 

Our first years have also started to step up. They are playing with more confidence which will be the key to our success. When everyone plays up, plays big, and plays well within our system, we win ball games. 

We also need to stay healthy. I always encourage our student-athletes to take advantage of our training room. 

What are the goals for the remainder of the season?
We're always on the hunt for that conference championship.

One game at a time though!